learning how to deliver a richer on-site experience for your users by optimising Klevu

Any business can benefit from serving their users with a relevant and streamlined on-site search experience.

User experiences can easily be managed. These users are drawn into bespoke user journeys leading them to, not only the results they expect but also the results we want them to see. Through carefully planning your promotions, marketing campaigns and product offerings you can reshape the users expectations and lead to impulse buys and up-selling. We do not just want to give users what they want, we want to create a paradigm shift within their minds of what they need.  

Listen to our on-demand webinar, where we delve into how you can use Klevu to deliver a tailored experience to your user base. 
During this webinar we will be covering topics such as:
  • Optimising results by boosting specific products 
  • Keyword level visual merchandising 
  • Updating keywords with 0 search results 
  • Enriching user journeys through on-site search
  • New features coming soon
  • How your business may benefit from an improved on-site search


  • Nick Branco - Digital Commerce Consultant at Vaimo
  • Claudia Ditri - Strategic Partnerships Manager at Klevu
  • Mairaid Harte - Sales Executive at Klevu