Why Pen Testing is Fundamental to the Health of Your eCommerce Business

Have you ever wondered how your platform would fare in the face of a full-scale web attack? Despite their best efforts, even the most robust security setups may conceal a hidden back door or a missing patch. One small vulnerability may cause a leak that snowballs into enormous repercussions for your business and the longevity of your brand.
That’s why penetration testing is akin to taking your eCommerce solution to the doctor for a checkup; the purpose is to understand issues before criminals exploit them. Penetration testing is applicable to all eCommerce businesses, regardless of scale, the type of security tools you use, or whether you outsource your security or have a team in-house.
Vaimo’s penetration test is geared specifically to eCommerce solutions, with a safe, simulated attack on your web application by our skilled team of testers. With your system’s safety at the forefront, our testers assess the current security setup of your infrastructure, and illuminate any vulnerabilities, such as database weaknesses, incorrect tools and controls, missing patches, and more.


Artur Hil

Vaimo's Security Analyst (specialised in penetration testing)

Fred Vaurs

Vaimo's Security Officer

Olga Gutenko

Vaimo’s Business Development Manager for Security