Guide on Behavioural Psychology in eCommerce

After the peaking holiday season your eCommerce store could experience a downfall in traffic and conversion. Use this guide to optimise the user journey for the new year!

This paper focuses on five principles of persuasion that you can use to drive better conversion from your eCommerce marketing efforts:

    1. Endowed Progress 
    2. Appointment Dynamic -  a principle of success that occurs when a customer returns at a predefined time to take a predetermined action.
    3. Cognitive Load -  the total amount of mental effort required to complete an activity.
    4. Collective Opinion - also known as ‘social proof’.
    5. Scarcity And Urgency


Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill

Senior eCommerce Strategist

Stephen has over 10 years experience working in ecommerce. Starting with Coca-Cola in Australia back in 2006, he's now based in London, working for Vaimo's strategy department and helping clients grow with their data-driven approach.