Delivering a seamless and inspirational customer experience has become a competitive advantage. It creates brand loyalty and is a driving factor for moving away from competing on price. But what defines a good experience, and how do you know how well you're doing?

Our best-practice scorecard scores customer experience on more than 150 parameters. The scorecard is based on our experience designing and optimising digital customer experiences for leading brands, manufacturers, and retailers globally for more than ten years.


You will get clarity on what and how to improve the Customer Experience to drive higher conversions and better experiences.

Use it as inspiration to confirm your own insight or as a tool to plan your optimisation activities.

What you get:

✔️ A scoring across twelve areas of Customer Experience Excellence

✔️ A 40-60 pager report with identified improvements & examples

✔️ Top 10 summary of items with the highest impact

✔️ Walk through of all findings







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Why customer eXperience is good business

Everybody is pushing for seamless and better customer experiences. Yesterday's cutting-edge innovation is today's new normal. It's all about making it as easy as possible for your customers to work with you, when and where they need it. And if you don't deliver upon the expectations, most likely your competitor will.

Staying ahead of your competitors requires you to think smarter and execute faster. Giving you specific insight on what, why and how to deliver a great customer experience gives you the information you need to assess, plan and act.

Five reasons optimising your experience is worth it

🎯 Improving the conversion rate generates more sales and reduces acquisition costs

🎯 Everybody is pushing for a better customer experience in every channel and at every touchpoint

🎯 Spending money on CX is much cheaper than spending it on acquisition

🎯 Your investment in CX is long-term and keeps on giving back

🎯 The customer experience not only shapes consumers’ demand of your brand, but also influences their buying decisions and loyalty



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