A practical Business guide to COVID Ecommerce (2021 Update)

In this guide, we offer our take on how the pandemic affects eCommerce, customer experience, and cybercrime. We will also share case studies from Elon and Champion, who successfully launched their eCommerce sites during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have noticed how the COVID-19 pandemic still affects us all, even in 2021. As a full-service omnichannel agency on the Adobe Experience Cloud platform, we deliver strategy, design, development, and managed services to brands, retailers, and manufacturers all over the world. 



Across our offices in 14 countries, the COVID-19 pandemic hit each one differently. Some of our offices were affected less, but most have had to operate under strict restrictions. With the registered cases now at over 100M globally, consumers will continue seeking products online.

The longer the crisis lasts, the more eCommerce will overshadow traditional sales channels. Though leaders watched their forecasts change soon after 2020 began, the unexpected shift yields new possibilities. The trends for 2021 promise a continued focus on eCommerce.