Webinar: Business Agility in B2B by Vaimo & Adobe

In today's business world, Digital Customer Experience and Data Driven Operations have become increasingly important. During current transformational times, it is key for businesses not only to change the way they have run their business so far but to evolve the business through the full use of digital capabilities when interacting with customers, vendors and partners. Business to Business approach has started to blend with Business to Consumer approach. And focusing on Business to Human sales approach has become more important  than ever due to many businesses operating remotely without physical meetings.

While becoming more efficient and reducing cost of sales are important, increasing GoToMarket speed through Business Agility and adopting new ways of working is a key differentiator for a B2B business in the coming years.

Business today means providing tailored product value and specifications to customers anytime, anywhere - and on any channel - without compromising consistency or relevance.

In this 40-min session we will focus on customer engagement in the B2B world as well as the urgent need for a digital-first strategy. We will give insights how customers are setting themselves up for the new reality - across all channels and making any moment transactional.


Axel G. Heyenga Adobe

Axel G. Heyenga

Industry Strategy Director Retail and Automotive, Adobe

As Industry Strategy Director in Retail & Automotive, Axel G. Heyenga is driving and leading the EMEA Retail as well as the global Automotive Strategy & GTM at Adobe, helping Customers, Partners and our Field to excel in their work. Working with all of the best Brands in Retail & Automotive, Axel has the opportunity to see and actively help Executives to get the latest on how to build outstanding and differentiating Experiences for their Customers. On Behalf of Adobe, Axel is building industry thought leadership & primary research for Customers and Partners. He is also enjoying speaking at some of the most influential Digital Marketing Events in US & EMEA.


Henrik Feld-Jakobsen

Director of Strategy, Vaimo

Henrik is the Director of Strategy at Vaimo, working with global manufacturers, retailers and brands on digital transformation and eCommerce strategies. Being a hands-on practitioner, Henrik has established digital organisations and executed several omnichannel customer experience programmes.