The fear of scams and unclear buying processes has kept the automotive industry sales model in the dark age, sheltered from the eCommerce revolution. But the industry is changing—the ease of searching for cars, parts, and auto accessories online is transforming car shopping.

With the habits and behaviours of the average shopper changing, automotive manufacturers must adapt. After all, millennials and Gen-Zers are making up an increasingly larger portion of the car-buying industry. They want the most convenient purchasing options, and this extends to cars. This poses big questions and challenges for automotive manufacturers.

This automotive eCommerce guide discusses the renaissance of the automotive sales model and how eCommerce is altering the future of the automotive industry.

What's inside:

1) Automotive Ecommerce Trends

2) Ecommerce in the Automotive Aftermarket

3) Car Ownership, The Mobility Revolution, and The Future of Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

"We're experiencing massive disruption in automotive retail—all the way from our relationship with cars to how we make the final purchase. The expectations of how we research, select, and buy vehicles are constantly changing in this new normal. Ecommerce is key in remaining relevant throughout the new digital customer journey."

David Holender

Chief Executive Officer, Vaimo