Anti-Spam Module

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Are you worried about performance and the potential impact on your company's reputation because of spamming? Spamming can take many forms and can have disastrous consequences for your company. 

If you are using the Vaimo Cloudflare solution, we can help. The Anti-Spam Module will help to significantly reduce the risks of spamming. 

Often clients turn to Anti-Spam Module in a reactive way—once they have been spammed. This means that you will have to spend time on investigation, troubleshooting, and cleaning up your project from spam. It is a lot better, to use anti-spam as a preventative measure to avoid spamming and its consequences.

What are the consequences of spamming?

Spamming can lead to huge ramifications for your business.

  • Performance issues
  • Spam emails sent on behalf of your company
  • Negative impacts on your company's reputation


  • We actively monitor events and user behaviour of your website
  • When a user behaves differently than usual, they are deemed suspicious
  • We display Captcha in front of suspicious users to block bots

The Anti-Spam module can easily protect all of your web pages. We use our experience and expert knowledge to block spam and create a safe environment for legitimate users. 

We never block IPs to avoid blocking legitimate users. For example when everybody in an office has the same IP address that IP address may be deemed suspicious because of its unusual behaviour. This way we can make sure that your users never have a frustrating experience on your site. 

Why anti-spam module is right for you.

  • The Anti-Spam Module is a preventative measure that significantly reduces the risk of spamming!
  • We provide a comprehensive service—there is no need for you to deploy anything on the servers and our team takes care of the set-up. 
  • The Anti-Spam Module is very affordable; the initial setup costs 500€ and the monthly fee is only 50€

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Olga Gutenko

Business Development Manager for Security

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me directly!